HELP! here's the deal

i have no specific requests and i'm not actually sure what i want as my layout...but deffinitly something with a lot of pink and black. the rest is up to you honestly... HELP ME PLEASE!?

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Title: I've got that Boom Boom

Background color: White

Background picture(url):

Fixed/Scroll: Fixed

Placement of picture: Middle

Placement of text: The lil boxes to the right, the text normal

Header picture(if any):

Table width: Don't care

Table color: Black or White

Font: Terminal

Font size: 8

Font color: Black

Link color: Black

Link effect(blur, flip, etc): None

Normal cursor: Don't care

Cursor on a link: Don't care

Post comment text: post comment

Read comment text: audiance participation

Scrollbar Colors: Black & White

Border type(solid, dashed, dotted, double): dotted

Border size(1-10; 1 being the smallest): 2

AIM: cali hre we come
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I Need A Layout. Can Someone Make One For Me?

I really don't care what it looks like but i want to include these phrases:
- Scream Until You're Coughing Up Blood
- Still Breathing At Any Cost
- Walking Is Still Honest
- And You Haven't Given Up On Me

all these are lyrics from Against Me! I want the pictures to be of the band.

Can someone please make it for me??? I would greatly appreciate it! I would make it myself except I SUCK at these things. Whoever does make this for me... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. I LOVE YOU.. hahaha.. thanks again


Hi, I want a black and hot pink(or just pink) with maybe a monkey taking up a small part of the backround and, could someone tell me how to change like the [mood] and [music] and comment things? Thanks! And how to add the images... and stuff.

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Title: ♥ You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always unlocked ♥
Background color: #871F78
Background picture(url):
Fixed/Scroll: Fixed.
Placement of picture: Center
Placement of text: Center???
Header picture(if any):
Table width:????
Table color:????
Font: Tahoma
Font size: Small
Font color: White
Link color: # FF00AA
Link effect(blur, flip, etc): Blur
Normal cursor:
Cursor on a link:
Post comment text: ♥ Me
Read comment text: ♥ Me
Scrollbar Colors: Purple, gray and black.
Border type(solid, dashed, dotted, double): Dashed
Border size(1-10; 1 being the smallest): 8
AIM: HatesSong

Sorry if I did some things wrong. I don't really understand all of this.

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hey stephanie i just joined this community because i am not good at lj at all.. as a matter of fact im lj brain dead. and i understand a few things on the request form but not enough. i added you to my buddy list so i could talk to you to maybe ask about the form. but if i dont notice you signing on please IM me.. [ x Vixen 69 xo ] thank you !

<3 always


..thanks bunches.

Title:we Can be forEvER..
Background color:Black
Background picture(url):
Placement of picture:right or center whichever looks better.
Placement of text:left
Header picture(if any):
Table width:doesn't matter
Table color:Transparent
Font size:8(small)
Font color:light pink
Link color:hot pink
Link effect(blur, flip, etc):blur/flip
Normal cursor:arrow
Cursor on a link:crosshair
Post comment text:Never say Never
Read comment text:(number of posts)<3
Scrollbar Colors:white, pink maybe, which ever looks best.
Border type(solid, dashed, dotted, double):dotted
Border size(1-10; 1 being the smallest):6